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When the dawn of the first ray of dawn slightly to the earth, the number of young people in the dark because of its appearance, and the radiation out of the dazzling light of life.
The glow of summer gave a youth a great literary charm. Once, Turgenev inadvertently saw a wonderful article, and after he inquired, this is just a nameless junior, there is no good works. However, Turgenev never give up, found the author's aunt, said to her: "Your nephew is a genius, I believe he will be able to create some brilliant in the literary world, he must continue Creation. "The young man, did not expect their own abjection, the letter of graffiti actually helplessly received a great writer's appreciation. Since then, he embarked on the creation of the road, he later was world-renowned Leo Tolstoy. ??
Appreciate the hearts of glow, there are bright sunshine. Without the appreciation of Turgenev and the beauty of the adult, the world is less a famous thinker, less some meaningful books, less a lot of loyal readers. Taiwan writer Lin Qingxuan also has such experience. Once, when he lamented the human world, readily wrote: "thieves, their thinking is so cautious, hands and feet are so flexible, like this person, do anything in the world, can make a career, Why is it necessary to take the road of no return? "It is this sentence, inspired a young thief confused mind, a change in the past abuse, and now became the owner of several chain stores in Taiwan, business booming and prosperous. When he talked about the beginning of business experience, excited to say: "I am all, are Mr. Lin gave me."
Bacon said: "Appreciate the hearts of glow, dew and perennial blooming flowers; indifferent to ice knot heart city, sea water depletion, Cong Hill desolate." Appreciation is a gift, a fragrance, a communication and understanding, a Kind of trust and blessing ... ...?
People eager for the sun at the same time has given many people the color and vitality of life, the appreciation of the hearts of glow, sunshine presented glow of vitality. Let us in the sun, accompanied by the creation of a blue sky of their own, played the strongest voice of life.

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